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Life is good....

2008-09-15 22:53:40 by Lmagic

My n***a done beat his case and had all his snitches handled......I've survived a hit put out on me and a damn good attempt from a couple sk's extended clips....but now to the really good news...A month from now gonna be starting a internet show and depending on ratings in about 4-7 months I could be starting the recording for a reality show with MTV.....

get @ me for anything....I'm back on my grizzy

Yo it's 7:40 .....I just called off work cause i had to go in at 11:30 but that would be impossible seeing as how I tripped so hard and didn't not go to sleep.... This is the real deal my boy here sleep next to me smoke some silvia and said that he felt like death had surrounded us and the shit we off ain't even although those are in the mix. eCst and silvia look good while I was lost in slush is wat we call it playing attached to a table leg bouncing around off of planets with two fatguys ping pong with my brains....Yal Ain't On this planet......

Honest;ly yal should be proud me to type this cause it's a miracle see look I fucked in the middle of revising this he i tried to spell miracle...:mmerrrakkle
I'm out of my mind ....For those of yal on earth I luv and will be returning to ou guys soon

And be ready cause the verse that's almost finished for me and ctb's next song is gonna blow your minds like some shit onle we could doT

I just got paid from the show I threw the other night.......I think I'm going out stunting for like the next week atleast

I'm comin, comin ...

2008-05-11 01:18:44 by Lmagic

Back Back to NG, NG, ......Me & Caliber gonna drop something crazy so just be ready

I apologize for delays...

2008-04-19 13:18:56 by Lmagic

I have a couple couple collabs is the works instrumentals and songs...... I've been delayed by stuff happening in my life especially since it den started gettin hotter here in da burgh.

Don't worry more fire coming soon.

Attention to Real Artists or people committed to the game

2008-04-02 19:17:08 by Lmagic

First off I've been listening to artists/producers/lyricists on NG for 2 years but never made an account because I never felt like it....sad to say I'm a lazy bum.

In my opinion these are the best on this site for Modern Hip-Hop aka Rap (No Order):
Aztec1448, DJ Nitemare, Phaded, Cajete, Lil-Saiynt LovaGurl,Lucid, Lejin, Lipz, MPZ, Mseemercury, druid, Mackity, Chucktownbluv, Stone-Killa, Greeksta-69, WyteNoiz, Bleek989, Zajed, Rome-Ihersion, Kamakazi-AkA-Crazy, InGenius, War-Spawn, DJ SES, CaliberTheButcher, VeronicaTheButcher, Beatbreaker187, VicThaRapper...almost forgot Reven, YunVeroz, DJ DairyKing, YoungBreeze, Kannon1, Westnyle, Kezelevich, Seraphic, NthapiT, Murdaa, P-Balla

anyone I missed I'm sorry but it's very unlikely that I missed anyone. Notice I left myself off cause that's up to yo guys to judge.

Big Ups to all Yal....Some people above are major influences in me progressing my career, others above are there just for honorable mention. Even within the list above there are different skill levels.

I plan to do a couple collabs with people here that definitely are going industry...I still haven't decided what style artist I am. Anyways I feel that artist here get disrespected to much by haters. 0 bombing shyyyt, not reviewing but then they still download your stuff. Like so you say my stuff is trash but you want to put my garbage content that makes your ears bleed on ur pc. Get out my face. I been got radio play in da burgh, been hittin parties freestylin as well as performing at em solo or wit da whole YHB Crew.I don't rap about stuff I don't do. I've been doing this since 7th grade...

So haters do you... step your game up. Stop getting mad when your stuff gets weak ratings when it is weak . Stop being childish and 0 bombing stuff becuz wat u probably don't understand is that by doing that you make it harder for the true music to shine thru. So when a random browser comes here they listen to a few music selections and quickly decide that the music is garbage and never come back because all the low ratings haters give make good music fall into the lower pages where most people won't look . Basically you cause this audio portal to ultimately suffer....but just so you kno...I make websites and I making one this summer after graduation...0 bomb while u still can

P.S. Let me can catch one of u bums using my stuff without permission...Copyrights...BOMB ME TO DEATH PLEASE...Cause Besides reviews that the only way u haters Show that you love me...and yea keep downloading my garbage stuff

BTW PLS issue a beef with me cause I will murder you

I'm a M-19 & we got mad love for dem Bloods


Attention to Real Artists or people committed to the game

Just hook a bro up wit some reviews...

Fuck that shit....if you gonna down-rate my shit then leave a review...that R&B is atleast a 3 but currently is stands at 1 sumthin....fuckin haters