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Attention to Real Artists or people committed to the game

2008-04-02 19:17:08 by Lmagic

First off I've been listening to artists/producers/lyricists on NG for 2 years but never made an account because I never felt like it....sad to say I'm a lazy bum.

In my opinion these are the best on this site for Modern Hip-Hop aka Rap (No Order):
Aztec1448, DJ Nitemare, Phaded, Cajete, Lil-Saiynt LovaGurl,Lucid, Lejin, Lipz, MPZ, Mseemercury, druid, Mackity, Chucktownbluv, Stone-Killa, Greeksta-69, WyteNoiz, Bleek989, Zajed, Rome-Ihersion, Kamakazi-AkA-Crazy, InGenius, War-Spawn, DJ SES, CaliberTheButcher, VeronicaTheButcher, Beatbreaker187, VicThaRapper...almost forgot Reven, YunVeroz, DJ DairyKing, YoungBreeze, Kannon1, Westnyle, Kezelevich, Seraphic, NthapiT, Murdaa, P-Balla

anyone I missed I'm sorry but it's very unlikely that I missed anyone. Notice I left myself off cause that's up to yo guys to judge.

Big Ups to all Yal....Some people above are major influences in me progressing my career, others above are there just for honorable mention. Even within the list above there are different skill levels.

I plan to do a couple collabs with people here that definitely are going industry...I still haven't decided what style artist I am. Anyways I feel that artist here get disrespected to much by haters. 0 bombing shyyyt, not reviewing but then they still download your stuff. Like so you say my stuff is trash but you want to put my garbage content that makes your ears bleed on ur pc. Get out my face. I been got radio play in da burgh, been hittin parties freestylin as well as performing at em solo or wit da whole YHB Crew.I don't rap about stuff I don't do. I've been doing this since 7th grade...

So haters do you... step your game up. Stop getting mad when your stuff gets weak ratings when it is weak . Stop being childish and 0 bombing stuff becuz wat u probably don't understand is that by doing that you make it harder for the true music to shine thru. So when a random browser comes here they listen to a few music selections and quickly decide that the music is garbage and never come back because all the low ratings haters give make good music fall into the lower pages where most people won't look . Basically you cause this audio portal to ultimately suffer....but just so you kno...I make websites and I making one this summer after graduation...0 bomb while u still can

P.S. Let me can catch one of u bums using my stuff without permission...Copyrights...BOMB ME TO DEATH PLEASE...Cause Besides reviews that the only way u haters Show that you love me...and yea keep downloading my garbage stuff

BTW PLS issue a beef with me cause I will murder you

I'm a M-19 & we got mad love for dem Bloods


Attention to Real Artists or people committed to the game


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2008-04-02 23:31:32

thx for the shout out man


2008-04-03 09:33:19

bruh good looks on the shoutout. i see u rep dat 5 thats whats hood but n***a u spittin and u makin the beats!?! n***a them beats is rediculous fya shit spectacular n***a haha ng finally got me some competition. haha n***a foreal holla@chaboi


2008-04-08 16:54:34

good lookin bro. i see NDE up there (Reven, Beatbreaker187, Lil Saynt). but theres no denying the truth lol :P. appreciate it homie! Keep doin you bro


2008-04-09 01:50:17

w00t someone actually listens to my stuff lol. Keep a look out in the next few weeks for some new stuff of mine, I plan to be getting a mic might have some competition :P


2008-04-09 03:53:57

ayo i see u saved me best til last in em shoutouts!~

haha jus playin but thanks for that shout out man.

i bin listenin to ya shit man, u got some real mad skills, respect plus my dude.

ima jus say somethin in response to ya post: there is really no way of stoppin the 0 bombing. i kno its immature and childish n all that, but there is no way duds gon grow up on this damn site. i was thinkin dudes better back the fuck off wit theyr 0 bombin wen i first came too, but i realized shit aint gon change so i learn to ignore it. but the good thing is, if youse good enough, no matter how many 0's u get, youse still gon get high scores. i only put four tracks on this site becuz i dont want like the 50 or so i got already to get abused and stolen, anyway, they all on atleast 4.20 (and ima get bombed any second now for statin that lol).

i also got a website being set up as we speak, watch out for that cuz ima market my upcomin album off there. ill keep u posted bout that shit fasho.

keep bringin em tracks man!~

keep it real bruh holla@me!~

-Pop Rock, CEO of Down n Dirty Entertainment


2008-04-11 07:49:06

Appreciate the words and being included with that list of big names. Don't sweat the NG hate machine, B.G., Trae, DJ Drama, all of these cats and more have all put it down about "Internet Beef". This is Def Comedy Jam material, at the end of the day ain't none of these cats that send lil PM's and death threats gonna see me because they can barely afford they lil cable modem, let alone flyin' out to see me...and they wouldn't be on NG 25/8 talkin' shit if they were "bosses", as they so often like to claim.

But feel free to murder each and every hater on the wax, it gets 'em steamed when your metaphors are too intelligent for 'em.



2008-04-14 10:32:51

Aye Yo!!!! This that dude Lmagic!! ng rappers betta watch out! this dude raw and spit better than the majority of us on here....HE EVEN GOT ME TRYNA STEP MY GAME UP! haha whats poppin fam? yoo i need u on this track yo. holla@chaboi


2008-07-17 15:23:25

I noticed you live in pittsburgh. Care to join the pittsburgh club? 39335


2008-07-18 15:43:34

while it baffles me how you thought of me before yun and reven, i really appreciate the nod. keep doing you, bro.