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Tripped slip and spilled my mind somebody helped me find it

2008-07-20 10:41:56 by Lmagic

Yo it's 7:40 .....I just called off work cause i had to go in at 11:30 but that would be impossible seeing as how I tripped so hard and didn't not go to sleep.... This is the real deal my boy here sleep next to me smoke some silvia and said that he felt like death had surrounded us and the shit we off ain't even although those are in the mix. eCst and silvia look good while I was lost in slush is wat we call it playing attached to a table leg bouncing around off of planets with two fatguys ping pong with my brains....Yal Ain't On this planet......

Honest;ly yal should be proud me to type this cause it's a miracle see look I fucked in the middle of revising this he i tried to spell miracle...:mmerrrakkle
I'm out of my mind ....For those of yal on earth I luv and will be returning to ou guys soon

And be ready cause the verse that's almost finished for me and ctb's next song is gonna blow your minds like some shit onle we could doT


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2008-07-21 21:03:21

haha this n***a fucked up! LMFAO


2008-08-01 09:13:13

Jesus much did you take??? LOL


2008-08-03 21:12:42

ahh yeaa i remember dat salvia shit. last time i took that shit i wuz TRIPPING haha.
and to think salvia is legal n shit. i heard their gonna make it illegal soon.